Steve Beirnaert

At the beginning of his career Steve performed in numerous plays in Belgium: "Faeces", "Amelie en de Koning op het Dak" (Amélie and the King on the Roof), "Klop, Klop" (Knock, Knock) and "Vliegers" (The Flying Ones).

In the musical "Praten als Brugman" (The Gift of the Gab) he played the leading role of Ewald Brugman.

Across the border in the Netherlands he performed in 3 productions of Speeltheater Holland: "Sprookjes over de Liefde" (Fairytales of Love), the musical "Stellaluna" and the original version of "Riket met de Kuif" (Riket with the Quiff).

For five years he appeared in major roles in a string of musicals produced by Opus One: Peter Quince in "Midzomernachtsdroom" (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Akela in "Jungle Book", Filips II in "Tijl Uilenspiegel", Buster in "Buster & Benjamin" (for which he also adapted the book) and the Mad Hatter, Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledee and the Mock Turtle in "Alice in Wonderland".

Back in Belgium in 2007, Steve was Lefou in "Beauty and the Beast" (Disney / Stage Entertainment). For this performance Steve won the Flemish Musical Award 2007 for Best Upcoming Talent.

During the 2008 - 2009 season Steve played the part of Rooster Hannigan in the musical "Annie", touring Belgium, after which he became resident director for "The Sound of Music" in Antwerp and the return performances at the "Efteling Theater". It was in this theatre that Steve had to take over the role of Max Dettweiler for 2 performances.

From 2010 on Steve could be seen more than 560 times as Robertson Ay in "Mary Poppins" at the Circustheater in Scheveningen (The Hague).

In 2011 - 2012 he created the part of Krakeel in the new Dutch musical "Droomvlucht" (Dreamflight).

From september 2014 on Steve will take on the iconic role of the Emcee in "Cabaret" in a brand new Belgian production of the world famous musical (touring Belgium and Switzerland).

With voice impersonator Dirk Denoyelle, Steve provided the weekly closing sketch for the gardening television show "Bio-Sfeer" (Belgian National Flemish Television). He was a puppeteer for the Dutch series "Aangespoeld" ("Washed Ashore") (VPRO) and lent his voice to a number of animated series, among which: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and "Hans Christian Andersen".

He is also the original Flemish voice of little dog Vipo in the animated series of the same name. And he guest starred in a number of Belgian tv shows: "Buiten de Zone", "Windkracht 10", "FC De Kampioenen", "Het Geslacht De Pauw", "Willy's & Marjetten", "Aspe", "Spring", "Spoed", "Neveneffecten", ...

In the Flemish version of the motion picture "The Golden Compass" Steve is the voice of Pantalaimon ('Pan').

For the stage he adapted the book for the musical "Buster & Benjamin".

For television he wrote episodes for the Belgian crime series "Aspe": Series 2: "Laatste Avondmaal" (Last Supper) and "Voetbalgeheimen" (Soccer Secrets). Series 3 : "Jeanne" and "Gestolen Dood" (Stolen Death). Series 5: "Geen Post Vandaag" (No Mail Today).

Steve wrote 3 episodes for dramedy "Dag & Nacht: Hotel Eburon" (Day & Night: Hotel Eburon).

During 2012 - 2013 Steve was a dialogue writer for soap series "Familie" (Family).